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How Are You Showing Up?

May 15, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis releases its grip, each of us will have an opportunity to evaluate our wellbeing and our quality of life and consider how we fared. If we take time for this reflection, we’ll likely land on one of three conclusions:

  • I’m worse
  • I’m the same
  • I’m better

It might be that we’re a combination of all three – better off in some ways, worse off in others and about the same elsewhere.

The truth of course is that how we come out on the other side of this and how we evaluate our post-panic situation will depend on lots of variables.

Some of those variables will be things we can’t control, like whether or not we lost loved ones, lost our job or faced serious financial hardship.

Some of those variables ARE within our charge, and it’s here that I like to focus my energy. While I can’t control circumstances or other people, I can always choose to be in charge of myself. With intention and practice, I can be in charge of my inner state and my actions most of the time.

For all of us, this is an extra important fact to remember right now.

Taking charge of our inner state and our actions will heavily influence our experience during this crisis and how we feel about our lives once it resides.

Do I get crushed by the stress of this and allow my spirit to be diminished for a long time after? Do I just barely keep my head above water? Do I use this time as an opportunity to grow, transform and reimagine what’s possible?

Our answers will be determined as much by internal factors we CAN control as by circumstances we cannot.

See. Feel. Get. Do.

In a recent virtual training we hosted, we were talking about this fundamental point – how taking charge of our inner state determines how we show up in the world for the people and things that are important to us. To illustrate this idea, we shared an image that we frequently use in our work that always seems to resonate with people because it’s simple and powerful.  

Here it is:


The idea represented here is this:

  • How you “see” something determines how you feel about it (and by “see”, I mean how you mentally perceive it)
  • How you feel about it determines what do you do
  • What you do gets you a set of results
  • Those results will influence how you feel

This is the cycle we’re all in every waking moment of every day.

And what this means is that our behaviors are always the result of how we are thinking and feeling. If we want to DO things differently in a particular relationship or situation or in the face of a certain trigger, then it’s imperative that we pay attention to our mindset and emotional patterns around it. We never permanently change behaviors without having changed the way we think, the stories we tell ourselves, our assumptions and beliefs, and our feelings.

How Are You Showing Up?

In the face of crisis, disruption and uncertainty, our natural human reaction is to SEE this as a threat and then FEEL fearful and anxious. While that makes perfect sense, the problem is that when we’re stuck in fear and anxiety, we often do things that are not a demonstration of our best. So we can all give ourselves some grace during this time if our default mode has been less than stellar.  


It’s also important that we be extra intentional about our thinking and our choices so that we get through this crisis with our wellbeing intact and our families, teams and communities as strong as possible.  Being intentional starts by asking ourselves powerful questions:

  • How am I showing up for the people and things that are important to me?
  • How do I want to be showing up?
  • What do I need to do to bridge the gap?
  • And how do I need to adjust my mindset and emotional responses in order to successfully do those things?

These are questions we ask and help you answer in our new short, interactive virtual series, Stepping into Greatness: Staying Calm, Kind and Productive in Uncertain Times.

Stepping into Greatness.

The reality is that crisis can sink us. Or it can be a time when we tread water and feel frazzled, exhausted and unwell. Or it can be a time when we pull out all the stops to care for ourselves and show up for our families, our teams, our neighbors as leaders, no matter what our title at work. We can choose to step into our greatness and call others to theirs – but only if we’re intentional about making sure our thinking and choices align with what’s most important.

This series we created helps each of us do that and we’d like to share it with you.

Access part 1 at no cost right now by clicking here. It’ll be the best 16 minutes you spend today!

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