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Creating a Thriving Organization: An Interconnected Approach

Mar 25, 2019

I love this quote from Angie Siebert, a speaker and consultant in the health promotion industry. After being interviewed for the Redesigning Wellness podcast, she said:

“The best minds in science, medicine, psychology, behavioral economics, and sociology don’t have it figured out, but somehow us as wellness professionals are supposed to sit in our little offices or cubicles, with budgets a fraction the size of any other large scale corporate initiative, and show a positive and measurable impact on the health of employees.”

What a real but often unspoken truth that is!

Although I’ve often had similar thoughts myself, seeing it in writing really made me feel the ridiculousness of the expectations that exist for the wellness industry. The idea that wellbeing programs and services – well-intentioned but often underfunded and built on outdated assumptions – could by themselves significantly and lastingly transform the health of a group of complex...

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Comforting Lies vs. Unpleasant Truths

Feb 21, 2019

I was looking through my notes from the recent (and amazing) Fusion 2.0 Conference and was reminded about this cartoon that Robert Kegan, one of the conference’s keynote speakers, used in his presentation. (Side note before this post goes further: if you ever have the chance to hear Robert Kegan speak, don’t miss it!) 

This cartoon made me laugh out loud and nod my head in that knowing way we do when we can totally relate to something. 

How many times in life have you doled out a comforting lie because it would feel too uncomfortable or risky to speak the truth? And how many times have you accepted something you thought might not be true because it was easier and simpler to do so than to buck the status quo or investigate further? 

If you’re like me, you’ve done this a lot. If you’re not, awesome for you. Seriously. But keep reading anyway. 

Choosing or accepting the comforting lie is a natural human tendency that has...

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